10 Tips For A Creative Video Production

Excellent videos always gather eyeballs and go viral. So, how do you go about producing a creative video? Here are 10 tips that will help with training video production.

1. Steady the camera.
Always use a tripod because holding the camera for longer periods isn’t an option. Also, do not zoom in or out, pan sideways constantly, the output is disappointing.

2. Choose different shooting modes.
Always obtain different angles of shooting modes- wide, medium and close-up, which helps with editing later on. Spend at least 10 seconds on each shot.

3. Adjust either the background or the foreground.
Such an adjustment is an integral part of any video production because the background and the subject must be in sync.

4. Time lapse.
Implement time-lapse feature during a video shoot. This is a fun and catchy way to describe an event or story.

5. Lighting.
Produce a great video with added lighting. For some, it may seem constantly but the technology has gotten a lot cheaper today with fluorescent soft lights, LED panels, etc.

6. Use picture frames.
Image frames always give your photos a realistic feel and artistic expression. There is practically no shortage of digital image frames.

7. Do not overshoot.
Amateurs generally overshoot anything and everything, whereas professionals, such as the ones at Razzmatazz Films, shoot what is most needed during an event. If you shoot for hours at length, you’d have to spend that many hours editing a final video that spans a few minutes. Avoid time wastage!

8. Anticipate important events beforehand.
It may seem like a tough thing to predict, but when you are a professional you get the hang of things. Always be ready to shoot significant moments at least a couple seconds ahead.

9. Sound Quality
Never ignore the weight of excellent sound quality in a video production. This is where creativity comes into play.

10. Drone filming
Drones can be bought today for as less as $80 and they offer great HD video footage. Using them for low budget video production can greatly amplify your chances at selling a viral video.

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