5 Reasons Why a Businessman Needs A Corporate Video?

A recent survey indicates that consumers spend almost 100% of more time on the landing pages that can contain the corporate or product videos. Also, around 90% of the users actually watch the informative videos. The corporate videos or the audio and video communication materials include the streaming video, high-definition videos, and DVDs among other kinds of media. A businessman has multiple reasons towards using the corporate videos. 5 of the most prominent ones are given below.

Useful towards multiple purposes

The different kinds of corporate videos, made by a leading corporate filmmaker, can be used towards a number of purposes like:

  • Sales
  • Adverting
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Training
  • Spread of information
  • Safety
  • Display and spread of financial information/investor relations
  • Event filming
  • Live webcasting
  • Role plays involving role personalities and leading film stars
  • New product/service launches

As the digital boundaries spread further, the differentiating line that lies between the corporate videos and other kinds of media (for instance television and radio advertising) is fast diminishing. The development makes the corporate videos more informative and useful while reducing the expenses.

Most memorable messages

The corporate videos may be of various types. Some of the most popular ones include

3D animation (4D and 5D are soon to be introduced)

  • Live action
  • Motion graphics
  • Screencast
  • Typography
  • Whiteboard
  • Typography

As different businesses have different kinds of products and services, they use a video type that best explains their offerings and makes it the most memorable.

Reach to millions of new customers across horizons

The businesses benefit greatly through the corporate videos. As they are easy to share on the web (in social media and forums) and digital media they spread the message and information instantly to the consumer base across the world. For instance, information related to a new Apple phone launch reaches nations and cities across the globe instantly. The increase in customer base results in greater sales.

Instant recognition

The corporate video also includes the brand logos and emblems of a corporate/brand, and are instantly recognized. They help a business achieve differentiation and help it to carve out its own space across digital platforms.

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