Easy Steps to Make Eye-Catchy Animated Product Video

Animated product videos are on high demand. There have been a number of very successful animated videos in the recent past and this could explain the increase in the demand of the videos. To achieve the success, animated video production experts work on a number of important features of the video step by step.

Write a script

A script is a basic requirement for video production. There are some rules set aside to follow when creating a script. First, you need to mention the problem at hand. The script should be short and a maximum of 90 seconds. Make sure the most important message is displayed within the first 30 seconds. Speak to your audience conversationally using second person. Highlight the problem at hand and then present your solution using a story.


The first stage deals with the messaging so after that, you can work on how to present the message to your audience. The best way to prepare the sequence is by using a storyboard. For every line of the script, you need at least 2 visual actions. Choose images that are closely aligned to the message that you want to portray.


This is the fun part where you give your characters a voice. Video production houses have the best idea on the voices to use for various characters. Since they have experience in animated product videos, they know people who might be interested in providing voice over so talk to them.


Now it is time to piece together all the pieces. Use the slides created on the storyboard and populate them with visuals. There are 2D and 3D animated videos so talk to your producer on the type of video that you want.
Sound system

Sound design is always the last step when creating an animated video. This is because it has to be timed depending on the action taking place. There are various places to check out the music to use for the video but ensure you have the right licenses even as you choose the music. Talk to the animated production company you are working with for advise on the right licenses.


Creating a good animated product video requires creativity, professionalism, the right equipment and a good understanding of the video production industry.

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