Major advantages of Animated Videos For every Business

You can have the best product in the world, but if your marketing campaign is obsolete then nothing can save it from demise. The likes of the internet have given the means to compete without thinking about the incurred cost, social media is the prime example of cost-effective yet impactful marketing. But how do you do that, videos is your answer.

While there are multiple forms of real-world videos, the animation is the latest entry. You may not remember the predictable advertising you saw yesterday, but you will remember the cartoonish vibe from an animation for days. Animation taps in tour your subconscious and plants the seed of attention, merging engagement and entertainment.

Here are 10 benefits of using an animated video production –

Stand out-

While everyone is using the boring real-world actors, you are doing something different. And different is what strikes attention followed by entertainment and communicating the message. Being the oddball can really help you out here.

Conversion rate-

The grey head marketing executives might not like the idea of animation, but the conversion rates say to differ. Research says animation enhances the conversion rate by a whopping 80 percent.

Boost SEO-

Google loves videos and videos boost SEO ranking. Google algorithms consider the amount of time spent on a website, hence an animation which hooks the audience will surely increase your chances to rank high.

Make an impression-

It’s about time that animation replaces the boring power point presentation. Using a simple and short video which conveys everything leaves an impact, plus the occasional humor will break the ice and add flexibility in your presentation with a good start.

Communicate the use-

An animation directed towards the use of your product and how it can make the customer’s life easier will always have the highest retention.

Cost efficient-

You don’t need the blunder of lights, camera, and action, and doesn’t need to endure the hefty actor fee. Just need an animated video production company and an idea will work just fine.

Spreading the word-

With an animated video posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can spread your message and create a drastic impact.

Giving wings to your imagination-

The animation doesn’t put any limits on your imagination. You can possibly do anything in an animation fearlessly.


Animation has an artistic way of incorporating logos and building brand themes exclusive for branding purposes.


Animation taps into the viewer’s mind and connects with them. This has a lasting impact over their mind which enhances the retention rate.

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