How to Use Video Content Marketing for Business

Content and SEO share a direct relation, the better your content is the more leads and the possibility of high ranking follows. Since Google algorithms also account the duration of a user staying on your website, the marketers have a gained a new weapon in hand- Videos.

Videos boost your conversion rate up to 80 percent, so it’s something you cannot ignore. They are also more appealing even to the busiest buyer. People have starting to shift from text to videos and it has a drastic impact on your marketing strategy. Here are some ways to use a video production company and help you market your video content-

Target the problem and not the sale

Your video should convey the reason for your product or service’s existence. Videos tend to tap into the buyer’s emotional spectrum, use the emotion to their advantage. Show the problem and then how you can make their life easier. Don’t try to make it a sales pitch, that won’t work. A
simple yet creative story will have a drastic impact on your sales.

Timing is everything-

We live in a world of short attention spans, where people filter out the irrelevant things in seconds. In the case of videos, the window is 3 to 10 seconds. If you hook your audience in this time, there might be a chance of them staying longer and retain the full message. Your corporate video production company need to construct something creative that hooks your audience in 10 seconds, otherwise, the viewer will skip onto the next video.

Incorporate humor-

Humour has long been identified as a great technique of social bonding. If you manage to use humour in your video, possibilities of forging a bond with the viewers are high. Make 2 or 3 different videos, run them for a couple of years, every time someone sees your videos will end up giving a smile. Give it some time and you will have a dedicated audience.

Add a sitemap to your video-

All this is in vain if your brand is not discovered or at least the message is conveyed. A Sitemap will help direct the viewer to your webpage instead of a platform page like YouTube. This will give you more traffic and the chance of the buyer to explore more of your content.

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