While the making of mainstream films may indeed be considered an art, but the video ad production is definitely a science. It needs an in-depth understanding of aspects like branding, brand identity, the communication process, marketing strategy, communication strategy and creative strategy. It also calls for a knowledge base that encompasses the many complex layers of advertising: defining the target audience; zeroing in on the desired response to be evoked; identifying the triggers to be used for evoking the desired response; and then evolving a creative strategy that activates the triggers.

Razzmatazz Films is an advertising films production house with extensive experience in the nuts and bolts of advertising. Being a ad production company, we understand the intricacies of making television commercials (also referred to sometimes as commercial videos), and the challenges involved. As ad film makers with extensive exposure to documentary, corporate film production , commercial video production and commercial ads production, we are able to seamlessly combine the ‘art’ of filmmaking with the ‘science’ of advertising. We have a variety of tools for mapping products and services on to target audience segments, and for identifying the appropriate triggers to be leveraged to evoke the desired response (buy, ask for a demo, test drive the car, opt for a promo offer, call to inquire, etc.)

Ad Film Makers

Unlike mainstream movies whose purpose is purely to engage and entertain, a television commercial must go way beyond mere engagement and entertainment. It must create awareness, persuade, elicit a query, trigger a store visit – and lots more. This is why it is challenging to make ad films. It is a complex activity. An ad film maker is working at multiple levels of the communication process simultaneously. All of us are aware of ad films that we enjoy thoroughly – but when it comes to recalling the brand, product or service, we draw a blank! This disconnect happens because the ad film maker understood how to entertain – but he didn’t have a clue about the processes involved in ensuring brand recall. At Razzmatazz Films, we have been engaged in commercial video production and commercial film production for long enough to understand the nuances that separate failed ad films from successful ones. We know why ad films work – and we also know why they don’t.

At Razzmatazz Films, we believe that the creation of an advertising film is an intricate combination of good storytelling, visually appealing cinematography, prominent product/service visibility and the dovetailing of entertainment and information to create high levels of brand recall.

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