Digital Video Shoot backed by professional direction and technical support in accordance with the approved Script, using camera, lenses, lighting, jibs, cranes, track-and-trolley, steady cam equipment and other accessories in line with the specs emanating from the Script


Recording of narrative by professional voiceover artistes or dubbing by actors, if required in accordance with the approved Script

Music Composition, Arrangement & Production

Recording of original music score after composition/arrangement, if required by the Script

Other Audio Components

Creation or collation of additional audio components like sound effects, stock music, ambient sounds, etc., as required by the Script

Graphic Development

Designing and creation of customised graphic content (Title Super, supers, captions, bye-lines, diagrams, graphs, bar charts, etc.) in accordance with the approved Script


Development of animation sequences (logo animation sequence, 2D/3D modelling and animation, and special effects) in accordance with the approved Script

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