While Mumbai is the heart centre of commercial film production in India, one finds many documentary filmmakers in Delhi. That’s probably because Delhi is a centrally located gateway to a wide range of destinations, heritage sites, historical locations and pilgrimage centres. In short, Delhi takes you to places that have stories – and that’s what documentary film production is all about: stories… stories that educate, inform and engage… stories that stir passion and emotions… stories that empower.

Documentary filmmakers aren’t just film makers – they are storytellers, recreating in a new medium the ancient art of weaving tales. A documentary film maker uses digital films as his or her canvas for narrating a great story… a compelling story… a story that must be told. The world of documentary filmmaking is filled with inspiring examples of how landmark documentary films have helped in shaping opinions on burning topics like war, oppression, terrorism, trafficking, racism and environmental depredation in particular, and the human condition in general. Indeed, a documentary film can be an eye-opener, a game changer and a powerful catalyst of public opinion.

At Razzmatazz Films, we have created a talent pool of all the specialised resources required for documentary film production in Delhi directors, art directors, writers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, sound recording technicians, editors, music directors, etc. This makes us fully equipped to produce various types of documentary films and docudramas.

You can choose to work with us using two models. The first one entails end-to-end production from story to final cut. Razzmatazz Films is fully geared to handle all stages of the documentary film production process. You give us a brief – and we produce the film.

In the second model, you can approach us with a story or a script – and we’ll take it forward from there. With our extensive hands-on experience in all departments of the film production process and our in-depth understanding of documentary films as a medium, your project is in safe hands.

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1. What is the purpose of a documentary?

There are various types of films that are produced on a large scale. Some of the roles played by them are those of marketing and entertainment.

Documentaries are a successful factual, non-fictional media that work actively towards creating awareness of various social aspects. Their scope also covers roles like education, persuasion and entertainment along with attacking or defending a perspective.

2. Can a short film be a documentary?

Yes, short films can be made into documentaries depending on the storyline and concept. Documentaries require original content and if they are made as short films then the length has to be restricted to around 40 minutes. There are many national and international short film documentaries that are becoming part of mainstream film production these days. These are becoming popular among the audiences and some of them are even inspiring because of the real-life story concepts.

3. What is the difference between short film and documentary?

The main difference between short films and documentary is that the subject matter is usually different and also the objective. Documentaries are generally aimed at educating, informing and inspiring the audience. They are mostly based on facts, while short films are usually fiction-based. Short films aim at entertaining the audience, whereas documentaries do not have the main objective of entertainment.

4. What is the usual length of a documentary film?

A feature-length documentary film can last for about 40 minutes. Depending on the subject, the time of documentaries can also extend for 110 minutes on an average. Documentaries need to cover the subject in its entirety and hence the timing could fluctuate between documentaries. The usual length of a documentary film could also determine its success because it should be able to captivate the audience on the subject matter for the entire duration.

5. Do documentary film makers in Delhi make corporate documentaries?

Documentary filmmakers are always on the look-out for interesting subjects that can be showcased on the big screen with enticing camera captures. You can find many documentary filmmakers in Delhi who even take up corporate documentaries when there is a story involved. The rise and shine of corporates seen as documentary films can be very exciting to watch and hence documentary filmmakers get interested in these.

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