Why “Razzmatazz”? If we had a dollar for every time somebody asked us that question…

Years ago, way back in 1993, when we started out, we wanted to take on a name that clearly defined the visual space we were operating in. We zeroed in on ‘Razzmatazz’. Etymologically derived from ‘razzle-dazzle’, it is a word that expresses everything that a successful film should be: overtly visual, eye-catching and a delight to behold.

We don’t do much chest-thumping, but in all humility we have lived up to our name. For more than two decades, we have added that special visual zing to our clients’ products, businesses and corporate messages, leveraging our specialised film production skills to showcase these aspects in the audio-visual medium.

Enough said! For a film production company, we believe that its work should speak for itself. So do check out the latest Showreel… and visit The Razzmatazz Multiplex to see some samples of our work.

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