The real charm of Ladakh lies in its unique landscape and its unique culture. This is a place where Buddhism coexists with Islam… a place where monasteries and mosques stand together in harmony and solidarity… a place where Time seems to stand still. The film Buddhist Chanting & Navroz Festival of Ladakh is on the coexistence of these two religion in the region.

It has many cultural elements that conform to UNESCO’s definition of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. And yet… this heritage is vanishing slowly in the mists of time… overrun by modernity as new generations of Ladakhis grow up with a global outlook.

The advent of Buddhism in Ladakh dates back to 642 CE. The most important (Ladakhi) Buddhist festival in the region is Losar – which means New Year – celebrated (from) the first day of the 11th month of the Tibetan calendar. (Losar festival celebrate for 10 to 11 days)

The celebration of Navroz begin with Namaz followed by steaming cups of tea and snacks. Women and children form an integral part of these joyous celebrations. They have their own loosely partitioned section of the mosque.

A unique part of this celebration is the reading by the Maulvi from the Book of the Future, a series of prophecies and predictions for the new year that lies ahead. The celebration ends with a grand feast of traditional chicken Biryani … and many more steaming cups of tea.

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