On the basis of the client’s Brief and in alignment with the defined Communication Objective(s), one or more concepts are presented for the proposed film


If required, a visit to the shoot location(s) is carried out to gather firsthand information on key aspects to be showcased in the film. At times, the Recce is not required for scriptwriting but is carried out prior to the shoot to facilitate the planning of lighting, the choice of camera/lenses, the use of cranes and jibs, etc.


Once the Concept has been approved by the Client, the Script is developed for the film. Written in an Audio-Visual format, the script defines all the scenes to be shot, the graphic elements to be developed, the narrative (voiceover) to be recorded, the sound bites to be captured while shooting, the sound effects to be designed, etc.


In case the film requires actors, models or anchors, the casting for these roles is carried out on the basis of the requirements of the Script

Locations & Set Designing

In case the film requires locations that are not being provided by the client, these need to be identified and arranged prior to the shoot. Likewise, if the script requires a set to be designed and constructed, the art direction and fabrication teams will work on it before the shoot is scheduled.

Props & Costumes

If the Script requires any special props or costumes, these will have to be procured or fabricated before the shoot.

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