With their innate ability to engage the eye, the ear and the mind, films have emerged as a highly effective training tool. Numerous studies indicate that a training film creates far higher levels of learner engagement, content retention and content recall in comparison with the same material delivered via lectures (Talk-and-Chalk), PowerPoint slides or textbooks/printed courseware. Training films also encourage repeat viewing which is very important for recapitulation and retention. After all, nobody wants to see a PowerPoint presentation all over again – but watching a film is fun!

At Razzmatazz Films, we have been in the training films and e-learning space for a very long time. We are pretty high on this learning curve. Our training film production in Delhi oeuvre includes product training, process training, product demo training, customer education films and skill development training for a wide range of learner segments.

We have comprehensive resources and capabilities for handling full-cycle training video projects – right from subject matter research, content creation and script writing to video shooting, post-production and final master production. The output can be customized for diverse applications like large-screen projection, mobile delivery, tablet/touch-screen kiosk deliver, web delivery, streaming, social media uploads, mailing, DVDs, etc.


Training video content is a key component of contemporary e-learning solutions. Our e-learning video production offers both linear and interactive videos for a wide range of applications. The demand for e-learning video production resources has grown exponentially over the years and companies have realized that the completion rates for their online learning initiatives are significantly higher when the content is delivered in a video format. This is not only because of the heightened engagement factor but also because training films tap into both, the visual learning memory as well as the aural learning memory of various types of learners.

At Razzmatazz Films, we work closely with our clients’ HR departments to create customised e-learning video resources that address the organisation’s needs of training videos in Delhi and are strategically developed to address specific training issues being faced – for example, the problem of reluctant learners, or low literacy levels among workers. In such cases, the ingredient of engagement that training films invariably add to the learning experience goes a long way in ensuring the success of the organisation’s training and e-learning initiatives.

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