Razzmatazz Films is a film production house based in New Delhi, India. It prides itself on being a specialist digital film production company in Delhi, especially in the domain of television commercials. Our expertise in video production is backed by a dedicated team of professionals based in Delhi and customers based in northern India can easily access our one-stop digital video solutions at our centrally located Delhi studio. We also have a presence in other cities like Mumbai; this enables us to access talent and creative resources at various film production hubs across India. We take great pride in being acknowledged as one of the best film production companies in India and our clientele includes several prestigious brands and bluechip companies who have reposed their trust and confidence in us for many decades.


As one of India’s leading film companies of video production in Delhi, Razzmatazz Films has an in-depth understanding of the target audience, the brand and the cinematic skills and capabilities that are required for consistently delivering excellence in this medium. Our experience enables us to seamlessly integrate your marketing strategies with creative approaches and production values – this is the very essence of product, brand and and corporate films, and, of course, TV commercials. Razzmatazz Films has proven track record spanning more than 20 years. This gives us a clear edge when it comes to creating memorable films that reinforce your brand image, enhance recall and elevate the levels of engagement across a wide cross-section of audience categories.

Razzmatazz Films featured in the Silicon India Magazine under

“10 Most Promising Corporate Video Production Companies – 2020”

Corporate Films

Corporate Films

Our highly professional and technologically skilled team has comprehensive capabilities for providing a wide portfolio of fully integrated digital film production services. From corporate films, product films and video walkthroughs to training films, explainer videos and event audio-visuals, we offer a wide variety of digital film solutions. This includes facility showcases, industrial videos, launch AVs and many more. We are, indeed, a one-stop destination for all your corporate film needs.
TV Commercials

TV Commercials

We know the power of advertising in creating enduring brand image, building brand salience and enhancing brand equity in a competitive scenario. Our creative team is adept at blending strategic ideation and creative approaches that are strongly aligned with your existing marketing and communication strategy. This synergy enables Razzmatazz Films to create and produce television ads that customized to reach well-segmented target audience sections and evoke the desired customer response.



Documentary Films have the power to create awareness, transform mindsets and provoke change. There are some stories that must be narrated cinematically, in visual terms to maximize their impact. Being an expert of documentary filmmakers in delhi, our production team ensures that your documentary film project is backed by strong scriptwriting, expert cinematography and high-end production values that go a long way in making the subject come alive.


In a world filled with digital communications, interactions and transactions, e-learning has emerged as an important, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy learning system as well as a useful training tool. Our team focuses on producing digital e-learning content leveraging video delivery formats. This medium enables us to combine role-play situations, dramatization, audio-narratives, music and animation sequences that represent a unique advantage in the learning space by enhancing the overall learning experience and the levels of retention. Our dedicated team focuses on creating and producing well-researched and highly effective training content for clients across various verticals.



  • “We have had a very rewarding experience with Razzmatazz films for developing our Corporate Film. Some of the strong points of the agency that we liked were their ability to constructively ideate and give meaningful creative inputs with a quick turn-around time and most importantly strict about meeting deadlines. Definitely my go-to agency for all my AV projects for the future. Highly recommended.”

    Indrranil Roy Choudhuri Head – Corporate Communications, Apollo International Limited
  • "Our engagement with Razzmatazz Films for Corporate video was excellent. We were thrilled with the partnership displayed through creativity in problem resolution and most of the times reading our minds :)!! They are thoroughly reliable in time commitments and consistent in meeting our expectations. The ability to cut through the predictable challenges of a project and deliver the expected results is unparalleled. Would love to recommend them for their professionalism and service."

    Anil Kumar Deputy General Manager, Serco Global Services
  • "Thanks to the entire Razzmatazz Films team for timely execution of the Maestro Edge Video. The video has got encouraging responses from the Hero fraternity including our seniors."

    Rashmi Chawla Sr Manager, Hero MotoCorp
  • “We at Oxigen really appreciate and acknowledge the multiple video assignments being undertaken and delivered by Team Razzmatazz Films from time to time! With their intelligent hard work and dedication they have almost become an extended arm of Oxigen! Wishing them good luck and great success!!”

    Meher Sarid President (Corporate Affairs, HR, Brand & Marketing) Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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1. What does a production company do?

A production company works to provide the basic requirements for the production of a creative project, which could belong to fields like performing arts, films, television, videos, video games, radio or even comics. The team essentially has many technical experts, each involved in various aspects of production. These aspects could be scripting, budgeting, managing resources, co-ordinating with talent, production, post-production activities and marketing among others.

2. What is an independent production company?

Generally, a production company is associated with another bigger company. This association could be ownership-based or may even be contractual. The parent company or the partner is generally a big media house, a studio or an entertainment company.

Independent production companies are those that function without a budget or distribution contract or studio.

The companies, which are owned by the media companies, work singularly for them, while the ones having contractual association are free to produce own media as well and work independently.

3. What is the difference between a film studio and a production company?

While a production company sources various expertise and equipment to bring about the making, packaging and marketing of a creative product, a studio is self-sufficient in itself for all that is required to produce it.

A studio is a production company as well, but the reverse does not hold good. They even rent out facilities such as space, furniture and equipment to various production companies.

4. What is the best length for a video?

Videos are a popular marketing tool, but if the length of the video is inappropriate, the marketing campaign could fail. To avoid this, the video must be long enough to create impact and get the point across but short enough to not lose the attention of the viewer.

A video about a company or a consumer testimonial is best if kept under a minute, while product-related videos are acceptable if stretched to 3 minutes.

Certain videos do not fall under any time restrictions provided they showcase creativity and provide entertainment.

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