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Razzmatazz Films: A Leading Film Production Company India

Razzmatazz Films is a film production house based in Delhi, India. Razzmatazz prides itself on being a specialist film production house, leveraging its core competence in the domain of film production instead of diluting its focus by dabbling in unrelated aspects like graphic design, web development, etc. As a dedicated film production company in India, Razzmatazz leverages its presence in Delhi to reach out to a wide range of clients located within Delhi NCR. At the same time, it has developed extensive capabilities for tapping talent and creative resources in other cities like Mumbai to deliver specific production values that certain clients and projects may demand. Hence, while there is no possibility of its Delhi NCR base acting as any kind of a limiting or constraining factor, Razzmatazz’s presence in the capital city enables it to act as a high-quality film production hub for large swathes of North India – which would explain why so many prestigious clients have entrusted their film production projects to Razzmatazz.

Film Production Company

As a film production company in India, Razzmatazz has developed, over the years, an in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances of Indian audiences and is able to accurately map its creative approaches and productions on to various clearly defined target audience segments – thereby creating films that work in the context of the desired response to be evoked, the core message to be delivered and the levels of engagement to be achieved… a proven track record that spans more than two decades.

Corporate Films

Full-cycle, fully integrated digital film production capabilities to cater to a wide variety of applications – from corporate, industrial, product and training films to facility showcases, event audio-visuals and video walkthroughs

TV Commercials

Adding the magic of movies to the power of your brand – by blending strategic ideation with creative skills to produce television ads that cut through the clutter and grab mind-share… and eyeballs too


Some stories need to be told cinematically – and we take up those narratives with fervent passion backed by strong writing, production and editing skills that make the subject matter come alive


With their ability to combine narratives, demonstrations, animation sequences, dramatizations and role play situations, virtual realities, films have an inherent advantage in the learning space – an advantage that we leverage to create highly effective training content for our clients



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  • “We at Oxigen really appreciate and acknowledge the multiple video assignments being undertaken and delivered by Team Razzmatazz Films from time to time! With their intelligent hard work and dedication they have almost become an extended arm of Oxigen! Wishing them good luck and great success!!”

    Meher SaridPresident (Corporate Affairs, HR, Brand & Marketing) Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.
  • “We have had a very rewarding experience with Razzmatazz films for developing our Corporate Film. Some of the strong points of the agency that we liked were their ability to constructively ideate and give meaningful creative inputs with a quick turn-around time and most importantly strict about meeting deadlines. Definitely my go-to agency for all my AV projects for the future. Highly recommended.”

    Indrranil Roy ChoudhuriHead – Corporate Communications, Apollo International Limited
  • "Our engagement with Razzmatazz Films for Corporate video was excellent. We were thrilled with the partnership displayed through creativity in problem resolution and most of the times reading our minds :)!! They are thoroughly reliable in time commitments and consistent in meeting our expectations. The ability to cut through the predictable challenges of a project and deliver the expected results is unparalleled. Would love to recommend them for their professionalism and service."

    Anil KumarDeputy General Manager, Serco Global Services
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