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At Razzmatazz Films, we have fully integrated in-house resources and capabilities for handling the entire digital film production process from concept and scriptwriting to post-production and the final cut. As a point of ready reference, our portfolio of services is given below.

Film Production Solutions

These integrated services enable us to offer our clients a wide range of customised digital film production solutions; these include:

  • Corporate Films
  • Industrial Films
  • Social Documentaries
  • Product Films
  • Training Films
  • Recruitment Films
  • Induction Films
  • Demos
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Television Commercials
  • Movie Apps for Mobile Devices
  • Streaming Video for Web and Intranet Applications

Pre-Production Services

  • Creative Development in accordance with the Client Brief
  • Development of Concept Notes and Treatment Notes
  • Scriptwriting, Storyboard Creation and Screenplay Development
  • Recce, Location Identification and Tie-ups with Location Owners/Managers
  • Casting
  • Set Design, Fabrication and Construction
  • Design/Fabrication of Chroma Key Set, if required
  • Sourcing/Fabrication of Props
  • Designing and Production of Costumes
  • Production Design

Production Services

  • Digital Video Shooting
  • Comprehensive Logistics Management of all required equipment
  • Direction/Art Direction
  • Sound Design and Production
  • Voiceover/Dialogues/Dubbing: Audio Capture/Recording
  • Original Music Composition, Arrangement and Production, if required
  • Lyrics creation, if required
  • Graphic Development
  • Animation and Special Visual Effects

Post-Production Services

  • Non-linear Editing
  • Colour Correction
  • Mastering for Final Output
  • Creation of Broadcast Masters (for television commercials)
  • Production of Web Optimised Versions
  • CD/DVD Authoring, Replication and Packaging

For Comprehensive, Integrated Digital Film Solutions… From Concept to Final Cut

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