The domain of corporate film production is a highly specialised one. It’s not something that mainstream film makers would be able to do without prior exposure to the challenges of corporate video production and the special skills that go into compressing a corporate story into a duration that is ideally between 7 and 10 minutes. Right from scripting the story and crafting the narrative to shooting the key elements of the story and weaving it into a cohesive corporate film, a corporate video film production company leverages a whole new set of skills, talents and communication devices that are radically different from those used in mainstream film production.

Corporate Video Production Company

Across more than two decades in the business as a corporate video production company, Razzmatazz Films has built and honed these specialised skills, capabilities and domain knowledge. Being a corporate film makers, Razzmatazz understands the challenges of shooting corporate films where the vast majority of shots are on an ‘as-in-where-is’ basis. Plant, machinery, equipment and other infrastructure cannot be rearranged like a conventional film production set. All this would already be in place and the corporate film maker must plan his shots, camera movements and transitions in a manner that brings these inanimate objects to life, as it were. A significant part of the magic happens in post-production where fast-paced editing styles, contemporary graphics and slick animation sequences are used to raise the corporate film to a different level altogether.

Understanding the importance of post-production in corporate video company, Razzmatazz has established an extensively integrated in-house facility that handles all aspects of corporate film production on a 360o basis. The company offers comprehensive corporate video production services including digital video shooting, editing, graphics, animation, audio editing and final mastering for various kinds of applications – large-screen projection, television, PCs and mobile phones.

At Razzmatazz Films, we believe that corporate film production services is both an art and a science – and over the years, we have mastered the art of using all the right visual triggers to evoke the desired response, along with the science of effective corporate communication which ensures that the message gets across… loud and clear. With this, we are one of the best corporate video services and corporate film production company.

Corporate Video Production

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